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Carlton Café

Halmtorvet, where the Carlton Café is situated, was originally a market place for hay dealers. Later, people engaged in more illicit activities, such as drugs and prostitution, took over the square.

The bad old days are gone. The square has been totally revamped and now features a wide array of excellent cafés and restaurants.

In summer, the square teems with locals, out-of-towners, students, corporate folks, families with friends.

Carlton's clientele is among the most stylishly-dressed foodies in town, including many professionals and wanna-bes.

Popular brunch and fresh lobster
The brunch at Carlton is worth writing home about! It is served daily between 10:00 and 15:00, and people flock to get a seat. So, bookings are advisable, especially on weekends. Vegetarian brunches are available too.

Inside the restaurant there is an aquarium accomodating a flock of busy crustaceans. These are not ornamental, but part of the menu.

Besides lobsters, you have the option of three different first and main courses supplemented by cheeses and desserts. Carlton's cuisine is basically French with a little New Danish thrown in.

Carlton has a varied selection, including some of the classics. Bar snacks are good too.

According to Carlton's wine philosophy 'Wine is for all occasions, champagne is to be sipped and carefully enjoyed'. Quality champagne is served at affordable prices.